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cover of medlar press edition of rod and line cover of Faber Finds edition of six weeks in Russia cover of faber finds edition of the crisis in russia

Rod and Line

Medlar Press

Hardback; 224pp


Order code: MP-RAL

£16.00 (+£3.00p&p)

Six Weeks in Russia

Faber Finds

Paperback; 174pp

Order Code FF-SWIR

£12.00 (+£3.00p&p)

The Crisis in Russia

Faber Finds

Paperback; 118pp

Order Code FF-TCIR

£10.00 (+£3.00p&p)

cover of john wiley edition of racundra's first cruise cover of pimlico edition of The Life of Arthur Ransome cover of frances lincolm edition of arthur ransome and captain flint's trunk

Racundra’s First Cruise


Paperback; 256pp


Order code: JW-RFC

£16.99 (+£3.00p&p)

The Life of Arthur Ransome

Hugh Brogan


Paperback; 456pp


Order code: P-LOAR

£15.00 (+£3.00p&p)

Arthur Ransome & Captain Flint’s Trunk

Christina Hardyment

Frances Lincoln

Paperback; 256pp


Order code: FL-CFT

£12.99 (+£3.00p&p)

cover of ransome in russia cover of halsgrove's edition of arthur ransome's lake district cover of nick hern book's edition of the swallows and amazons play script

Ransome in Russia

T Alexander & T Verizhnikova

Porchester Publishing

Hardback; 196pp


Order code: TA-RIR

£19.99 (+£3.00p&p)

Arthur Ransome’s Lake District

Jon Sparks


Hardback; 174pp


Order Code H-ARLD

£14.99 (+£3.00p&p)

Swallows and Amazons Play Script

Helen Edmundson (adaptation)

Neil Hannon (lyrics)

Nick Hern Books

Paperback; 116pp

Order Code NH-SAPS

£9.99 (+£3.00p&p)

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The pleasures of fishing are chiefly to be found in rivers, lakes and tackle-shops and, of the three, the last are least affected by the weather.


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