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Children’s clothing: T-shirts from Digital Giving

Each T-shirt sold includes a £2.00 donation by Digital Giving to ART

official swallows and amazons merchandise brand image

photo of the digital giving children's t shirt designs

To Order: Go to Digital Giving’s T-shirt Booth and click on the ART Logo.
Price as advised at T-shirt Booth at the time of ordering.
Currently £9.99 +£p+p

We are grateful to Digital Giving, Penguin Random House Enterprises and the Arthur Ransome Literary Estate for nominating ART as the beneficiary charity for these official Swallows and Amazons T-shirts. As such, we do not sell them directly ourselves. Instead, ART receives a donation of £2.00 from Digital Giving for every T-shirt sold.

The T-shirts can be customised with a photograph and wording of your choice (these do not have to be your own photograph and name).

Adult-sized versions will be available soon.

Digital Giving specialises in projects and products that entertain and educate, whilst also benefiting great national and international causes.

Ransome's drawing of a boy waving his shirt, our clothing logo

Swallow went switchbacking out to sea again, up and down, up and down, with a motion to which John was already growing accustomed.

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