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“We ought to have a chart of some kind,” said John. “It will probably be all wrong, and it won’t have the right names. We’ll make up our own names, of course.”

They found a good map that showed the lake in a local guide book. Titty said it wasn’t really a chart. John said it would do. And Mrs Jackson said they could take it, but must keep it as dry as they could. That meant another box for things that had to be kept dry.”

Swallows and Amazons

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Does this scene sound familiar to you, not only from Swallows and Amazons, but from your own explorations – including those in search of the places that inspired Ransome? A map that doesn’t quite fit reality or a guide book that has to be kept dry. The latter may also be heavy, expensive, difficult to replace and better kept on your coffee table at home. Do you really want to risk turning it into papier-mâché every time you check a possible inspiration for Beckfoot, or Swallowdale, or Cormorant Island?

If not, our new Swallows & Amazons App can help. Its two maps, of the real Lake District and Ransome’s “Lake in the North” help modern explorers start with either the real world around them or the imaginary one in their heads. Or vice versa, if you prefer. Together they provide information about, and directions to, nearly 100 of the places that Ransome knew and was inspired by.

The App is completely free to download and use. It is also designed to be free of intrusive advertising, whether vaguely Ransome-related or not. You can choose whether to let it send you notifications, for example about forthcoming Ransome-related events.

Don’t be sorry for a might-have-been. Grab a chance today, via the links or by searching in your Apple or Google Play app store for “Swallows & Amazons”.

Happy exploring!