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Welcome to Our Home Activities Resource Kit

With that all doubts were gone. Good or bad, the mumps could not be helped. And here was something that could be done at once. The moment Mrs Jackson came in, Peggy and Susan and Titty, all together, asked her if she had some yellow stuff and some black that would do for the making of a flag.
Winter Holiday

Welcome to our HARK! Are you:

  • Stuck at home?
  • On the lookout for ideas; a spark that inspires you to explore a new skill, or be creative?
  • Craving a Swallows and Amazons-themed brain teaser (or two)?

If so, these activity sheets may be just what you need. Try a new skill, such as surveying your bedroom or designing your coat of arms. Be creative with words or drawings. Or test your observational skills with a word search or picture puzzle. You don’t need to have read the Swallows and Amazons books to try these activities and challenges, although in a few cases it may help. You’ll find answers for the puzzles at the bottom of the page.

Parents and teachers may also like to try LitWits’ “Swallows and Amazons Home Learning and Activities Kit”, which they generously make available at a 50% discount. Go to LitWits, navigate to “Swallows and Amazons”, and enter the Coupon code RANSOME50 in their checkout.

Learn new skills

Image of Semaphore Signalling pdfSemaphore Signalling
Image of Signalling to Mars pdfSignalling to Mars
Image of Private Codes pdfPrivate Codes
Image of Design a Coat of Arms pdfDesign a Coat of Arms
Image of Map Making 1 pdfMap Making 1
Image of Map Making 2 pdfMap Making 2

Be creative

Image of Story-telling 1 pdfStory-telling 1
Image of Story-telling 2 pdfStory-telling 2
Image of Story-telling 3 pdfStory-telling 3
Image of Colouring in 1 pdfColouring in 1
Image of Colouring in 2 pdfColouring in 2
Image of Colouring in 3 pdfColouring in 3

Try a puzzle or two

Image of Wordsearch 1 pdfWord Search 1
Image of Word Search 2 pdfWord Search 2
Image of Picture Puzzle pdfPicture Puzzle
Image of Spot the Difference 1 pdfSpot the Difference 1
Image of Spot the Difference 2 pdfSpot the Difference 2
Image of Spot the Difference 3 pdfSpot the Difference 3
Image of Pictures and Stories 1 pdfPictures and Stories 1
Image of Pictures and Stories 2 pdfPictures and Stories 2
Image of Spot the Difference 3 pdfPictures and Stories 3

Puzzle solutions

Hardworking and Successful
Coot Club