Fundraising Complaints

Fundraising Complaints Policy


The Arthur Ransome Trust (ART) is an educational charitable trust. We are registered with the Charities Commission for England & Wales. Our registration number is 1136565.

This is our Fundraising Complaints policy. It explains how you can complain and how we will respond. It also explains how to complain to the Fundraising Regulator, should you remain dissatisfied.

We are also registered voluntarily with the Fundraising Regulator. Being registered is our declaration that we take our fundraising responsibilities seriously. We will always aim to act by both the letter and spirit of the Fundraising Regulator’s Code of Fundraising Practice and Fundraising Promise.

We hope this means we will never give you any reason for dissatisfaction, or wish to complain. But should you wish to do so, please do. We will want to work with you, in order to understand why you are unhappy and what we can do to help. Your complaint may be very useful, for example by helping us to see and fix a wider problem affecting other people.

How to make a complaint

You can complain about any aspect of our fundraising by contacting our Complaints Co-ordinator, Paul Flint. If you do not want to discuss your complaint with Paul, please contact Geraint Lewis. You can find their contact details below.

If possible, please let us know within three months of your becoming aware of the problem you are complaining about. This is not a deadline but rather a request. We will do our best to respond to any complaint, no matter how old. But our ability to do so will be higher if the event itself is fresh in our and your memories.

When writing to us, please:

  • Make it clear that your email or letter is a fundraising complaint;
  • Let us know your name and how you would like us to contact you to discuss it;
  • When the incident took place;
  • A brief summary of what happened;
  • Copies of any fundraising material that you are complaining about;
  • Any other material you consider relevant to your complaint.

If you cannot make a complaint yourself, you can ask someone else to do so for you. We will need that person to send us adequate evidence that they are acting on your behalf and with your consent. Without such evidence we will not be able to discuss your affairs with them.

How we will respond to your complaint

On receiving your complaint, Paul (or Geraint) will:


  • Acknowledge it as soon as they can. We will aim to reply within two days of receipt;


  • Study the information you have provided;
  • Investigate by gathering any relevant evidence. This will usually mean discussing your correspondence with other ART Trustees, or any other person involved in the incident;
  • Contact you, if they need to. This may be to request further information, or to clarify any differences between your evidence and that of the other people involved;


  • After completing their investigation they will respond in writing, explaining the conclusions they have reached.

What response can you expect?

If we agree with all or part of your complaint, we:

  • Will apologise to you;
  • Review and revise our procedures to prevent the same problem happening again; and
  • Explain those changes to you.

If we don’t agree with all or part of your complaint, we:

  • Will explain why; and
  • Explain how you can complain to the Fundraising Regulator.

What if we don’t reply?

If we don’t reply to your initial complaint, it will either be because:

  • We never received your email or letter; or
  • The person you wrote to is away from their email or post, for example on holiday.

In these circumstances you may wish to check the reason for delay. Please do so by emailing or writing to our other named complaints contact. We ask that you only do so if you have not received our initial acknowledgement after four days, for an email enquiry, or ten, for one originally requested by post.

Your rights to seek remedy

We will always try to resolve your complaint fully, courteously and without undue delay. We hope we will always be able to do so to your complete satisfaction.

If you do still have any concerns about our fundraising, then you can complain to the Fundraising Regulator. You can find their own complaints procedure here and their contact details below.

Changes to this Policy

This policy was updated with effect from 20 May, 2019.

We may update it from time-to-time. This may be because of a regular review, because we become aware of ways in which it can be clarified or improved, in order to comply with changes in legislation or new guidance from the Fundraising Regulator.

How to contact us

You can make a complaint by contacting our Complaints Co-ordinator, Paul Flint:

If you feel that you cannot raise your concern with Paul for any reason, contact Geraint Lewis:

How to contact the Fundraising Regulator

You can find the Fundraising Regulator’s up-to-date contact details, together with an online complaints form, at: