Become a PART of ART

By joining PART – Pioneers of ART – you can help to create Ransome’s legacy.

Your support is a great encouragement to us. By giving regularly, you help us to plan both current and future projects. Just as importantly, your becoming a pioneer shows that you are interested in making a difference. This means we may get in touch occasionally, for example to discuss ideas, or to let you know about opportunities to help with a project or volunteer at an event.

Joining is straight-forward. It costs £25.00 per annum or £3.00 per month. (You are, of course, very welcome to give more if you wish, either using the set amounts on this form, or by making additional donations later via our Support page).

We will send you a (very) simple Welcome Pack when you join. But the main thing we will send are our heartfelt thanks for your support.

Lookout Post on the Ridge (The Picts and the Martyrs)