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Working together at the capstan
Peter Duck

‘Man the capstan then,’ said Captain Flint. ‘Man the capstan and heave it up.’
Peter Duck

PART, Pioneers of ART, is a great place for anyone who supports ART’s aims and wants to see them fulfilled. You can join online, or by post with an annual or monthly subscription. The former is £25.00 per year, the latter £3.00 per month. Or you can become a pioneer for life with a one-off subscription of £500.00. If you want to make an additional donation, please do. We’re very grateful and thankful for whatever help you want to give, now or in the future.




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Further thoughts

Art for Life’s sake is also a battle-cry, though it includes in those four words a suggestion not only of the function of art but of its nature.
Portraits and Speculations

Why do it?

You can read more about the reasons for becoming an ART Pioneer on our Create page.

Putting Ransome on the Map

We would love to recognise and celebrate your pioneering support on our Ransome Map. This will be displayed at the future Ransome Centre, with its 900 pieces showing the names of ART Pioneers and other donors. Let us know on the subscription form if you would like us to allocate a map piece to you.

Your skills and interests

Please do let us know, via the registration forms, about any skills or interests that you feel:

  • You may want to offer;
  • ART may be able to use; and which
  • You would be happy for us to get in touch to discuss.

Anything you say here, or if we get in touch, will of course be on a “no-commitment” basis until we’ve had a chance to chat over ideas.

Remember you can support ART in other ways

You don’t have to join ART to support our work. If you just want to donate, once or regularly, online or by post, then you will find ways to do so on our Donate page. Or you can follow ART via our Facebok or Twitter links, or by signing up for Artefacts, our e-newsletter.

But if you want to BE a PART of ART, then why not “sign on” to ART’s capstan party?

Using Paypal

All our online donations are handled via Paypal Standard. This means we will transfer you to Paypal to complete your donation. We believe this maximises your financial security by ensuring that your sensitive card information is only collected, processed and stored within Paypal’s secure systems. You do not need to share this information with us in order to support ART.

You can complete your donation at Paypal using your credit card or your Paypal account.

Registering and privacy

You can use your login to view your donation records and manage your recurring subscriptions and donations.

Please see our Privacy Policy for more information about how we collect and use your personal information.