…and Ransome’s Future Today

ART’s potential will only be fully realised through a vibrant Ransome centre. But this shouldn’t discourage us from beginning to fulfil it today. There is much we can do now, in anticipation of doing it better in a permanent future home.

‘All four of them had been filled at once with the same idea. It was not just an island. It was the island, waiting for them. It was their island. With an island like that within sight, who could be content to live on the mainland and sleep in a bed at night?’
Swallows and Amazons

That is why we have a range of active projects, including:

  • Republishing out-of-print Ransome works;
  • Ransome-related exhibitions, displays and events; and
  • Developing new ways of making his life and works more accessible to all.

We believe each project is valuable in itself. They offer benefits both now and in the immediate future. But they also offer stepping stones on our main “expedition” towards a Ransome home.