A Legacy for the 21st Century…

Captain Nancy gives instructions
Winter Holiday

Arthur Ransome was born in the 19th Century. His Swallows & Amazons novels are set in the 20th – a world without air travel, the internet, or mobile phones.

Yet they remain as relevant today as they were when first written. His insights into childhood imagination and play are timeless. So are his attitudes to adventure, which provide a refreshing challenge to excessive risk-aversion. His characters’ emotions, aspirations and failings remain real. They remind us all of the value of common sense, co-operation, hard work, the acquisition of skills and mutual respect as they combat adversity and fulfil their goals. Their attitudes are surprisingly modern, democratic and meritocratic.

As Peter Hunt observed: Ransome presents not so much an ideal world in which children can play, but a world of ideals to which his readers can aspire: a world of equality and respect.