…Every Heave Helps

With provisions, pemmican and biscuits

Two crabs sharing a ship’s biscuit
Peter Duck

Yet people alone are not quite enough. As John observed:

‘…all expeditions need provisions, pemmican and especially biscuits.’ (Swallows and Amazons)

Volunteers’ goodwill greatly reduces our costs. But it can’t remove them completely. Even biscuits cost money.

ART’s “biscuits” include items like educational leaflets, exhibition displays and transport to get those displays to events. All our projects need food. None can prosper for long without regular, ongoing support.

Make a difference to Ransome’s legacy today


can print over 50 educational leaflets


can help us produce display panels for exhibitions


can help us transport an exhibition or display

Every heave helps, however long your arms.

“Now,” said Captain Flint. “Mr Duck and I can hoist that mainsail between us. But we have to take one halyard at a time, and belay the peak while we’re hauling on the throat.
Let’s see what we can do with the lot of you tallying on.”
Peter Duck