…Be a PART of ART…

Get involved – and make a difference

“No, no, no,” said her mother. “You can’t do that. Send out your pioneers and find the right place.”
Pigeon Post

By joining PART – Pioneers of ART – you can help to create Ransome’s legacy. Your support will encourage us to plan and develop ART’s projects and your generosity will help us to fund them. And as a pioneer you may have other opportunities to help, for example discussing ideas, helping with a project or volunteering at an event.

Joining is straight-forward. It costs £25.00 per annum or £3.00 per month. You are of course very welcome to give more, if you wish.

We will send you a (very) simple Welcome Pack when you join. But the main thing we will send are our heartfelt thanks for your support.