…Be a PART of ART…

Spectate or create?

Sometimes watching expeditions or games is the right thing to do. It can be fascinating. It could be informative. Or it may just be fun.

But watching a game is rarely as satisfying as taking part.

Get involved – and make a difference

“No, no, no,” said her mother. “You can’t do that. Send out your pioneers and find the right place.”
Pigeon Post

In Arthur Ransome’s Carnegie Medal-winning novel, Pigeon Post, the Swallows, the Amazons and their friends Dick and Dorothea are determined to become gold prospectors on the Lakeland Fells. The Amazons’ mother, Mrs Blackett, thinks they’re playing a game. They know they’re not. But how can they start in a drought, when water is scarce and everyone is petrified of fire? It is here that Mrs Blackett recognises the need for pioneers. For people prepared to go first. People whose efforts will enable all their future plans.

PART – Pioneers of ART – is for anyone who supports ART’s aims and wants to see them fulfilled. Do you want to:

  • Show your support…
    by “nailing your colours” to ART’s masts? It helps to show that real people believe Ransome’s legacy matters;
  • Help financially…
    through an annual, monthly or lifetime subscription? It takes a shove to begin turning a capstan, and sustained effort to keep it going;
  • Offer advice and encouragement?
    We know we need both to keep ART on course!
  • Be a practical pioneer?
    We don’t have a physical capstan, at least not yet. But we do have plenty of “anchors” and “sails” to raise. Why not get involved and help make a difference?