Adventure Ahead…

“The prospect before them was too vast for chatter” (Swallows and Amazons).

They lay there, making plans as if they were going to be on the island all their lives.
“Properly,” said Captain John, “we ought to shoot wild goats for our food.”
“Only there aren’t any,” said Susan.
“And we haven’t got a gun,” said Roger.
“Of course,” said John, “it’s quite all right to have provisions, pemmican, and all that, especially biscuits. All explorers do that.”
Swallows and Amazons

Every worthwhile expedition can feel that way. Just as all truly worthwhile projects need proper planning and preparation.

Yet success depends on provisions as well as plans. Two types in particular are vital for ART to fulfil its potential.

They are people and funds.

Only people can provide imagination, energy, enthusiasm, determination and encouragement.  ART needs these to thrive. As a small charity we do not have paid employees, relying instead entirely on volunteers. People who believe that offering Ransome’s legacy in the 21st Century is a worthwhile goal.

People make a difference. Will you?