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Ally Your Legacy to Ransomes

The Trust is a small charity with a big ambition: to establish a permanent Arthur Ransome Centre in the southern Lake District. Our success will rely entirely on the good will of benefactors – in particular of people who have been touched by Arthur Ransome’s stories, and who wish to see his legacy live on, and be promoted to widen the readership and enjoyment of his life and works.

Why are legacies important?

Day-to-day donations help to meet the Trust’s running costs, fund our smaller-scale projects, such as temporary exhibitions, and contribute towards the establishment of a Centre. But experience indicates that much of the funding needed to purchase and equip a permanent exhibition and activity-based centre is likely to come from legacies. If you are considering donating to charity, then a gift in your Will could well be the catalyst that helps the Trust realise its ambitions.

The Trust’s charitable status means not only that it can benefit from gifts and legacies, but that you may also have the opportunity to reduce tax due on your estate.

Details of this and ways in which legacies can be made are included in our downloadable About Legacies pdfs.

We believe that making your will is an important task and one that you should do with care, without pressure on the decisions you make. We hope that the information we provide is helpful, but we also strongly advise that you consult a solicitor when preparing or changing your will. Although they will charge a fee, a solicitor will be able to give you sound professional advice and peace of mind.

If you have already have a Will

If you decide you would like to leave a gift to the Arthur Ransome Trust, you can do so by making a simple addition to your existing Will. This is called a Codicil. A Codicil allows you to add new instructions and delete old ones without revoking the whole Will.

If you have not already have a Will

We advise you to consult a solicitor before making a will.

Four ways to give to the Arthur Ransome Trust in your Will

You can opt to leave:

  • A Residuary Legacy – this is as share, or the whole, of what is left in your estate after you have provided for your loved ones.
  • A Pecuniary Legacy – a gift of a fixed amount of money.
  • A Conditional Legacy – a bequest to a particular person or body on certain conditions (for example if he or she predeceases you) your bequest to them transfers to the Trust instead.
  • A Reversionary Legacy – here you leave all or part of your estate to the Trust, but on the condition that it is enjoyed by someone else (for example your spouse) during their lifetime.

You can find more detailed explanations in our Online and Print Version About Legacies pdfs.

What information do I need to include?

You should take your solicitor’s advice when drafting your Will; this should over-ride any information given here. But if you wish to leave a gift to the Arthur Ransome Trust, you will need to state our Charity Registration Number (1136565) and our Registered Address (7, The Bungalows, Esh Winning, DURHAM, DH7 9PD).

You can find sample wording for the different types of legacy in our Online and Print Version About Legacies pdfs.

Can I restrict my legacy?

You may want to support a particular aspect of the Trust’s work, or wish to see your legacy used in a particular way. We will always respect your wishes in respect to restricted legacies.

We would, however, ask you to give careful consideration to any conditions that you include in your will. The reason is that if the Trust cannot comply with your conditions then we may not be able to benefit from your generous gift at all. This can happen if you restrict your gift to supporting a particular project. For example, it is possible that the project is already fully funded – or even complete – by the time your will comes into effect.

You might, therefore, like to include provisions in your will catering for a situation where the Trust cannot comply with your restriction. For example, in these circumstances you might allow the Trust to apply your gift elsewhere, perhaps in the way that most closely matches your original conditions. We strongly advise you to take advice from your solicitor when drafting such conditions, in order to ensure that your precise wishes are carried out.

Do I need to talk to the Trust about my Will?

No. You do not need to discuss your will or codicil with us. However, you may do so if you wish, especially if you want to understand better how your legacy may best help the Trust.

If you want to get in touch about Legacies, please see the contact details in our Online or Print Version About Legacies pdfs, or complete and return the request part of the Letting us know your intentions form.

We will treat any enquiry you make sensitively and confidentially, in accordance with the commitments made in our Fundraising Statement.

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“We’ve got to go back. Of course we’ve got to. Supposing Columbus had sailed to within sight of America and then come tamely home with nothing to show it was there! Jibbooms and bobstays! We were just cruising. This makes it a voyage of discovery…”


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