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Ultimately ART cannot fulfill its potential without help.

Financial support is vital. We know that ART is dependent on our supporters’ and benefactors’ goodwill. If you already support ART then your have funded the Trust’s existing activities and your ongoing support gives us encouragement for the future. We’ve hugely grateful to you! If you are thinking about supporting ART then doing so will help to sustain and develop our existing and future projects, including our ambitious goal of establishing A Ransome Home.  Again we can only say a big “thank you” for all you choose to do.

You can find information about how to donate in the other Joining In section pages.

But people matter at least as much as money. ART needs ideas, enthusiasm, encouragement and experience in order to succeed, just as the Swallows and Amazons relied on their complimentary skills and teamwork to thrive in their adventures. Are you interested in Arthur Ransome’s life? Have you been inspired by his novels? Do you want future generations to discover and (we hope!) enjoy them in turn?
If so, please do support ART.

Ship’s company?

How ART supporters can get more involved is a question we’ve been thinking about for some time. We do want helping the Trust to be a rewarding and enjoyable experience. That is true whether we’re talking about making a donation, about “being” a supporter, or about giving your time, skills and enthusiasm in practical ways.

At present we haven’t reached any firm conclusions about the best course to follow (or the ones to avoid). But we do wonder whether both ART and our supporters would benefit from a more substantial “friends” type arrangement. This could be a development of our existing supporter mailing list.

If you are an existing or prospective supporter, and have any ideas or experiences you would like to share in this area, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


In the Meantime you can keep in touch with ART and Arthur Ransome-related news via Artefacts, our e-newsletter. We currently aim to send this out at approximately 4 monthly intervals, although the exact schedule is a little flexible. That is largely because we want to send it when we have something worth saying, rather than simply to meet a schedule.  To subscribe to our mailing list, please tick the appropriate boxes on our Donation and Support Form or Ransome Map Sponsorship Form, or let us know in your comments if you are making an online donation.

You can download pdfs of both forms via the links on this page.

Ransome's drawing of children hauling up an anchor, our join in logo

But the able-seaman had opened the parrot’s cage and the parrot came out in a stately manner, as if he knew he was wanted on business.

“You can’t exactly sign,” said Titty. “But lots of sailors can’t. You must wet your dirty claw and make your mark.”

“Pieces of eight,” said the parrot.

“He’s asking about his pay,” said John.


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