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Snug Berths

Snug Berths aims to raise awareness about Arthur Ransome at locations in and around the southern Lake District. It compliments and precedes our A Ransome Home project.

What’s happening in Snug Berths and how can I help?

  • Small-scale developments to date include information folders at the Swallows and Amazons tearoom, at Bank Ground Farm, Coniston. We also distribute introductory leaflets about Arthur Ransome and Swallows and Amazons at locations around the Lake District. We are currently discussing potential Snug Berths at further locations in Coniston and Windermere.
  • You can find out about Snug Berth developments on the News page.
  • If you feel you’d like to help fund Snug Berths, see the Get Involved section of the site.
  • Please get in touch if you represent a Lake District location which you feel may be a good partner for a Snug Berth.

Ransome's drawing of a bird's nest in reeds, our snug berths logo

She had imagined them all sitting in the snug cabin of the Fram while the wind and snow raged over them.

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