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Camp Fires

Camp Fires is an occasional programme of public lectures and seminars.

It includes events in partnership with existing organisations in the southern Lake District, usually in co-ordination with Temporary Moorings exhibitions.

What’s happening in Camp Fires and how can I help?

  • Our first series of Camp Fire events took place alongside Imagination and Reality, at Brantwood and at Abbot Hall, in Kendal, in 2012. We have held occasional events since and are currently exploring options for further events in 2017.
  • The News section of the website, and our Facebook and Twitter links, contains details of past events and future plans.
  • Do you want to help create Camp Fires? Go to Get Involved.
  • Could your organisation co-host a Camp Fires? Please get in touch!

Ransome's drawing of a saucepan on a camp fire, our camp fires logo

Nancy wanted to empty the hay out of the haybags to make a last blaze on the camp fire. “Nay,” said Mr Jackson, “it’s good hay that.” So it was spared to be eaten by cows.

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