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Buried Treasure

Buried Treasure is our publishing project. Its aim is to make out-of-print Ransome works available once more, in accessible editions, and with additional informative introductions.

What’s happening in Buried Treasure and how can I help?

  • The Shop section contains details of our first publication, Old Peter’s Russian Tales & the Battle of the Birds and the Beasts.
  • Our forthcoming plans include re-publication of The Autobiography of Arthur Ransome.
  • Please see our News section and Facebook and Twitter links for further developments and details.
  • We aim to make Buried Treasure a fully self-funding project. But financial support early on will make a significant difference, by helping us move ahead with publication of new titles. If you feel you’d like to help fund Buried Treasure, see the Get Involved section of the site.
  • If you’d like to offer skills, experience or suggestions, then please get in touch.

Ransome's drawing of two children digging up a box, our buried treasure logo

“There’s treasure and treasure,” said Captain Flint. “It take’s all sorts to make a world.”

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