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A Ransome Home

A Ransome Home is the Trust’s main, long-term project: the establishment of an Arthur Ransome Centre in the southern Lake District.

What will a Ransome centre be like?

We are drawing inspiration from the way that the Collingwood family, Arthur Ransome’s mentors, welcomed him into their home and lives at Lanehead, Coniston. For the Collingwoods, Lanehead was a creative hive: the whole family were writers, artists, sculptors, musicians, archaeologists and antiquarians. By welcoming Ransome, they gave him a place in which he could experiment, flex his imagination and grow.

We want a Ransome Centre to emulate that, by being a place where people of all ages can discover, experience, imagine and enjoy Arthur Ransome’s life and works, in particular the Swallows and Amazons novels. We envisage having exhibition spaces at the core of the centre – and glass in the windows – but we don’t want a static museum. Arthur Ransome deserves a memorial, but we want it to be a living one, not a mausoleum.

What’s happening in A Ransome Home, and how can I help?

  • Creating the centre will involve many stages, including consultation and research. The Trustees are currently working on this.
  • It will also require substantial resources. If you feel you’d like to help, please see the Get Involved section of the site.

Ransome's drawing of a lake district farmhouse, our a ransome home logo

“What about the Dogs’ Home?” said Peggy.

“That old place,” said Cook. “There’s no glass in the window and the roof’s likely enough down by now.”

“Bet it isn’t,” said Nancy. “Glass doesn’t matter. Fresh air’s all right. And there’s a grand fireplace.”

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