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What will A Ransome Home be like?

  • Can I help with Voyages of Discovery?
  • Will Buried Treasure unearth Arthur Ransome’s autobiography?

The Arthur Ransome Trust’s big ambition is to establish A Ransome Home. This will be a dedicated Arthur Ransome Centre in the Lake District, where people can discover and enjoy all aspects of Arthur Ransome’s life and works. We also envisage it will be a centre of expertise for projects on site and farther afield. We are working towards this through a range of active projects. These include exhibitions, Voyages of Discovery mobile displays, events, educational resources and Buried Treasure publishing.

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“Next year you can fill in a lot more,” said Captain Nancy. “We’ll do something splendid. We can plan it all winter. It’ll be something to think about during lessons…. Anything might happen. We could grab a ship.”

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