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Complaints Procedure


We take complaints seriously. We want to work with you to understand why you are dissatisfied and what, if anything, the Trust can or should do to resolve your complaint and prevent it happening again.

If you have a complaint about any aspect of the Trust, including any aspect of our fundraising, please do not hesitate to let us know.

Please note that the following policy may be subject to revision, should the new Fundraising Regulator issue fresh guidance on complaints procedures.

Our complaints policy

We will appoint one Trustee as our Complaints Co-ordinator. He will be responsible for listening to your complaint, investigating it, and reporting back to you on the outcome of his investigation. The Complaints Co-ordinator will normally be separate from the Trustees who manage our day-to-day fundraising activities. In exceptional circumstances (if for any reason our Complaints Co-ordinator is unable to handle your complaint personally) your complaint will be investigated by another Trustee.

We will follow guidance issued by the new Fundraising Regulator in respect to timescales for responding to complaints.

We will follow a three stage procedure for fundraising complaints: Stage 1 (internal investigation by the Trust); Stage 2 (Referral to the Fundraising Regulator), and Stage 3 (Adjudication).

We will accept FRSB adjudication of any complaint that cannot be resolved under Stage 1 or Stage 2.

We will keep records of complaints received and the ART Trustees will use these to identify trends and what action, if any, we can take to improve the Trust.

Complaints co-ordinator

The Complaints Co-ordinator is Paul Flint.

Making a complaint

If you wish to make a complaint about the Arthur Ransome Trust, please do so in writing to the Complaints Co-ordinator, using the post and email details below. If possible, please make your complaint known to us within 3 months of the incident that you are complaining about.

Receipt of a complaint will be acknowledged within 14 days.

If, after 14 days, you have not received an acknowledgement, please contact us using the details on our Contact Us page.


We will investigate your complaint and try to resolve it with you. We will tell you of the outcome of our investigation within 30 working days of receiving the complaint.

Fundraising complaints: reference to the Fundraising Regulator

If the complaint is about fundraising, and if you are not happy with the outcome of our investigation, the answer you have received from us, or you have received no answer after 30 working days, then you may refer your complaint to the Fundraising Regulator. Details of how to do so and the timescales involved are set out on the Fundraising Regulator’s website.


If you are not happy with the outcome of your referral to the Fundraising Regulator, you can ask them to adjudicate. We will accept their adjudication.

Changes to this complaints policy

We may amend this complaints policy at any time by publishing a new version on this website.

Contact us

Should you have any questions about this copyright policy, please write to us by post or email, using our contact details.

To make a complaint, please write to:
The Complaints Co-ordinator, Arthur Ransome Trust, Pinethwaite Lodge, Lickbarrow Rd, Windermere, Cumbria, LA23 2NQ; or

To contact the Fundraising Regulator, please write to:
2nd floor, CAN Mezzanine Building, 49-51 East Road, London, N1 6AH; or
visit to access an online complaint form.

You can find out more about the Fundraising Regulator at their website:

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