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About the Arthur Ransome Trust

This page contains background information about the Arthur Ransome Trust. For an introduction to Arthur Ransome and the Trust’s aims, please return to our Welcome page.

Charity registration

ART is an educational charitable trust. It is registered by the Charities Commission for England & Wales, No 1136565.


The Trust is managed by a board of Trustees. There are currently three Trustees: Paul Flint, Helen Lewis and Geraint Lewis. If you have any enquiries about the Arthur Ransome Trust or Arthur Ransome, you can contact the Trustees via the Contact Us page.

Annual reports and accounts

Policies, notices and procedures

The statements and policies below give detailed information about the way we manage this website and other important matters:

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“We’ll have to pay the pilot,” she said. “And we may not have enough. And even if we have there may not be any left for the telegram.”

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