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Sometimes – as the Swallows found when they came across strange tracks in the mysterious surroundings of Secret Water – it is easy to miss what is happening, or else to mistake it for something else. As a charity, ART’s tracks (and our seven active projects) are all about helping current and future generations discover, appreciate and enjoy Arthur Ransome’s life and works.

You can find out what is happening in and around ART, and what we’re planning for the future, via our:

You can also catch up with the latest ART developments in our News section.

Ransome's drawing of two girls examining tracks in mud, our explore art logo

“What’s a mastodon?” said Bridget. “A sort of savage?”

“No. A sort of elephant.”

“With a trunk?”

“Yes. Hairy all over.”


“No. Gorgeous,” said Titty hurriedly.

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