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1948 to 1967 Retirement

Retirement: Arthur Ransome’s timeline, part 6  


  • Apr 5: Purchased Lowick Hall.
  • Jun: Moved to Lowick Hall.
  • Jun 28: Received an MA (Hon) at Durham University.
  • Jul: Flew to Stornaway for a fishing holiday.
  • Oct: Peter Duck sold for the second and final time.
  • Began editing, overseeing and writing introductions for Rupert Hart-Davis’s Mariner’s Library.


  • Oct 17: Left Lowick Hall for 40, Hurlingham Court, Fulham.


  • Hillyards begin building Lottie Blossom, Ransome’s fifth yacht.


Feb 6: George VI died.

  • (Summer): Sailing on the South Coast.
  • (Summer): Received honourary doctorate from Leeds University.
  • (Autumn): Decided to sell Lottie Blossom (with a condition she be re-named) and commission a replacement, also called Lottie Blossom.
  • Dec 30: Announcement of Ransome’s appointment as CBE, in the 1953 New Year’s Honours List.


  • Apr: Took ownership of the second Lottie Blossom.

Jun 2: Coronation of Elizabeth II.

  • Jun 15: Ransome at Spithead, to observe the Coronation Fleet Review from Lottie Blossom.


  • Jul: Sailed Lottie Blossom to Cherbourg.
  • Autumn: Lottie Blossom sold.


  • Summer: Rented Ealinhearth Cottage in the Rusland Valley.
  • Aug: Fishing published.


  • Summer: Rented Hilltop Cottage, near Ealinhearth.


  • Summer: at Hilltop.

Oct 4: Sputnik launched.


  • Summer: at Hilltop.
  • Dec 1: Ransome slipped and fell leaving his publisher, Jonathan Cape’s office. The accident precipitated a sharp decline in his health.



  • Apr: Returned to Hilltop, initially to visit.
  • May 13: Evgenia decided to make the move permanent and promptly signed a contract to purchase Hilltop.


  • Apr 4: Contract agreed for the first visual adaptation of Swallows and Amazons, by Windsor Films Ltd for BBC TV.
  • Jul 1: First paperback edition of Swallows and Amazons published.


  • Oct: Ransome moved to Cheadle Royal Hospital.


  • Jun 3: Ransome died. Buried at Rusland Church.

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