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1924 to 1928 Divorce and Marriage

Divorce and marriage: Arthur Ransome’s timeline, part 4  


(Jan 21: Lenin died).

  • Jan 27: Attends Lenin’s funeral.

(Feb 2: Britain formally recognises the Soviet Union).

  • Feb 19: Played cricket on the frozen Baltic, after his ship was caught in ice trying to sail to Britain.
  • Met lawyers in London regarding his divorce from Ivy.
  • Apr 9: Arthur and Ivy’s divorce finalised.
  • Apr 14: Returned to Riga.
  • May 8: Married Evgenia at the British Consulate, in Reval.
  • Nov 14: Laid up Racundra and left Riga for England.
  • Dec 10: Ransome sets off for Egypt, reporting for the Manchester Guardian.


  • Feb: Returns from Egypt and begins house-hunting in the Lake District.
  • May 28: Move into Low Ludderburn, Cartmel Fell, the first property Ransome bought.
  • Aug 7: Ransome’s first Rod and Line fishing essay published in the Guardian.
  • Dec: Leaves for Russia, reporting for the Manchester Guardian.


  • Feb: Returns from Russia.
  • Dec: Leaves for China, reporting for the Manchester Guardian.


  • Apr: Returns from China via the Trans-Siberian Railway.
  • Nov 1: The Chinese Puzzle published.


  • Feb: Reporting in Russia.
  • Mar: Returns from Russia.
  • Apr 21: The Altounyan family, Ernest and Dora (nee Collingwood) and their children arrive at Bank Ground Farm, Coniston, from Aleppo, Syria for an extended sabbatical.
  • May 6: Ernest and Arthur collaborate to purchase two dinghies, Swallow and Mavis.

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