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1902 to 1912 University and Bohemia

University and Bohemia: Arthur Ransome’s timeline, part 2  


  • Feb: Abandoned Yorkshire College for a position as Office Boy for London publisher, Grant Richards.
  • Lodged at 544, Wandsworth Rd, Clapham.
  • Autumn: Left Grant Richards for a post at the Unicorn Press.
  • Autumn: Moved to his mother’s new home at 67, Huron Rd, Balham.


  • Befriended Edward Thomas and entered London’s Bohemian community, meeting WB Yeats and Masefield.
  • Aug: Left the Unicorn Press, to try his luck as a paid writer.
  • Autumn: Left his mother’s home for lodgings in Hollywood Rd, Chelsea.


  • Spring: Moved to 1 Gunter Grove, Chelsea.
  • Summer: First adult holiday in Coniston. Stays at Bank House (now the Yewdale Hotel). Met WG Collingwood and accepted his invitation to stay at Lanehead. Introduced to sailing.
  • Aug: The ABC of Physical Culture and The Souls of the Streets, Ransome’s first identifiable books published.


  • Winter: First visit to Paris.
  • Apr: The Stone Lady published.
  • Summer: Stayed at Wall Nook Farn, Cartmel. Met Lascelles Abercrombie.
  • Oct: Moved to Carlyle Studios, King’s Rd, Chelsea.




  • Apr: Returned from Paris.
  • Summer: Lodged at Low Yewdale Farm, Coniston. Spent much of the summer camping. Proposed (unsuccessfully) to Dora Collingwood.
  • Sep: Moved to Baron’s Court.
  • Autumn: Met Ivy Constance Walker.


  • Jan: Proposed (successfully) to Ivy Walker.
  • Mar 13: Married in London. Moved to Stoner Hill, Froxfield.
  • Sep: Walked from Petersfield to London (60 miles) in 2 days.
  • Oct/Nov: Moved out of Stoner Hill for London.
  • Nov: A History of Story-telling published
  • Dec 21: Lodged at Semley, Wiltshire.


  • Mar 19: Moved to 15 Frances Rd, Bournemouth.
  • May 9: Arthur and Ivy’s daughter, Tabitha, born.
  • Jun/Jul: In Edinburgh.
  • Aug: Lodging in Milford, Surrey. Befriended local postman, who reintroduced Ransome to fishing (an a sport Ransome had not practised since his father’s death).
  • Sep: Stays (without Ivy) at Lanehead. Nearly wrecks Miss Holt’s Swallow in a squall near Peel Island.
  • Oct 4: Edgar Allan Poe published.
  • Oct 7: Ransome, Ivy and Tabitha arrive to house sit at Lanehead, whilst the Collingwoods are in Paris.
  • Nov 7: Tabitha christened in Coniston Parish Church.
  • Nov 16: The Imp and the Elf and the Ogre published.
  • Dec 17: Travelled to Paris for Christmas.


  • Feb: Returned to England, to lodge at 17, Rectory Chambers, Chelsea.
  • Mar: Moved to 120 Cheyne Walk, Chelsea.
  • Apr 6: The Hoofmarks of the Fawn published.
  • May: Moved to Manor Farm, Hatch, Wiltshire.


  • Feb 14: Oscar Wilde published.
  • Mar 13: Lord Alfred Douglas sued Ransome for libel.

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