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Putting Ransome on the Map

1884 to 1901 Childhood and School

Childhood and school: Arthur Ransome’s timeline, part 1  


  • Jan 18: Born at 6, Ash Grove, Leeds to Cyril and Edith Ransome.

(Mar 13: Siege of Khartoum began).

  • Summer: First annual family summer spent at Nibthwaite, Coniston (Cyril taught Arthur to row and fish in subsequent years).


  • Moved to 4, de Grey Rd, Leeds.


  • Moved to 2, Balmoral Terrace, Leeds.


  • Began boarding at Old College, Windermere.
  • Summer: Cyril Ransome injured his foot whilst fishing at Nibthwaite. Infections led to his leg being amputated and a fatal decline in his health.


  • Moved to 3, St Chad’s Villas, Leeds.


  • Feb: The Great Frost. Windermere froze.


  • May: Ransome meets Ted Scott (later his close friend at the Manchester Guardian), whilst sitting and failing the scholarship exams at Rugby.
  • Jun 24: Ransome’s father died.
  • Autumn: Entered Rugby School.


(Jan 22: Queen Victoria died)

  • Jan 26: The Passing (“A dreadful piece of earnest doggerel”) published in the Rugby Gazette. On the subject of Victoria’s death, it was Ransome’s first appearance in print.
  • Spring: Passed the exams to enter the Yorkshire College (now Leeds University) to study Chemistry.

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