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Links to Ransome interest organisations and websites

The following links will take you out of the Arthur Ransome Trust (ART) website to external sites offering further information about Arthur Ransome’s life and works.

  • Arthur Ransome Club of Japan is the world’s first Arthur Ransome appreciation society, founded in 1987.
  • The Arthur Ransome Society (TARS) is a membership society based in the UK, with an international membership.
  • The Nancy Blackett Trust is a registered charity whose main aim is to preserve and sail the Nancy Blackett, Ransome’s favourite yacht, which he used as the Goblin in his novel We Didn’t Mean to go to Sea.
  • All Things Ransome is a website seeking to act as an online, publicly accessible repository of Arthur Ransome materials.
  • TarBoard is an Arthur Ransome discussion forum.
  • Sailing Swallow maintains the boat that appeared as Swallow in the 1974 movie of Swallows and Amazons.

Please note that the Arthur Ransome Trust is not responsible for the content of external websites.

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“I say,” said Roger. “That’s what Peggy meant when she wrote in her letter that they’ve got something better than semaphore messages this year.”

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