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What were the creative sparks behind Swallows and Amazons?

  • How many Saturday articles did he write for the Manchester Guardian?
  • When did Arthur Ransome publish his first book?

Arthur Ransome published nearly forty books during his life, beginning with The ABC of Physical CultureIt was published in August, 1904, possibly as part of a ghost-written series on behalf of famous sportsmen. A quarter of a century later he penned the first of 58 Saturday articles for the Guardian.  Strangely, this was after he had given notice to his employers, and after he had been inspired to begin Swallows and Amazons.

Our Arthur Ransome bibliography catalogues his literature in four sections:

The most comprehensive listing of Arthur Ransome’s works is available in: Arthur Ransome, A Bibliography, Wayne G Hammond (2000) ISBN 1-58456-022-3.

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“I can give you a bit of paper,” said the Admiral. “Write on that and copy it out afterwards. Lots of authors never work any other way.”

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