Create Arthur Ransome’s legacy

Everybody liked the idea of the shaggy hill ponies to carry the explorers’ packs. But then, everybody liked the idea of sailing to the Baltic. So nothing was really decided.
Swallows and Amazons

ART exists to help everyone enjoy Arthur Ransome’s exciting legacy. Does that goal excite you too? If so, you can help to create Ransome’s legacy for the 21st Century by:

  • Becoming a part of ART;
  • Supporting the Trust financially; or even
  • By making Ransome’s future part of your own legacy.

Please read on to discover more.

Become a PART of ART

Somewhere up there, under the blazing sun, John, Susan, and Nancy, pioneers, were exploring on behalf of the Company.
Pigeon Post

You can make a difference by becoming an ART pioneer today.

Why – what will I get?

We’re going to be honest and admit not much – at least by way of freebies. New ART pioneers won’t receive a calendar (sorry), a cuddly mascot teddy bear (really, really sorry), or even a biro that doesn’t work (sighs of relief).

This is because supporting ART ought always be more about putting in than taking out. We trust all pioneers would agree it is better to work on ART’s charitable projects, rather than perks.

Spots swam before her eyes, but in spite of them she knew she was looking at a Klondyke, an Alaska, better than anything she had dreamed when they were talking of the goldfields in the camp at Beckfoot.
Pigeon Post

That said, we also believe that becoming a Pioneer of ART can bring genuine rewards. Nancy, John and Susan could weigh their dry throats and sore feet against the satisfaction of knowing they were preparing the main expedition’s way.

But surely I’ll get something?

Well, yes. When you become a PART of ART we will:

  • Record your pioneering support with a suitable piece of our Ransome jigsaw map (you can opt to remain anonymous, if you prefer);
  • Send you a (very) simple welcome pack – one that won’t weigh a pioneer down on the march;
  • Make sure you know about pioneering opportunities to get involved.

So what can I offer?

‘What about nailing our colours to our masts?’ said Able-seaman Titty.
‘Fasten the flag halyards with a clove hitch,’ said Captain Nancy. ‘That’ll be as good.’
Swallows and Amazons

Being a pioneer is an opportunity to help create Ransome’s legacy through:

  • Visible support
    Sometimes “nailing our colours to our masts” matters. It shows there’s support for ART’s goals.
  • Financial support
    Early and ongoing support lays the groundwork for future progress on all ART’s projects.
  • Advice
    We all need fresh ideas from time to time. Pioneers are well-placed to help ART develop.
  • Encouragement
    Why not? Knowing that you want to be an ART pioneer is a huge boost for all of us!
  • Help
    There are – and will be – plenty of opportunities for practical pioneering as ART develops.

Every heave helps

‘All right, Roger. Room for you here. Titty’s chantyman. Pipe up, Able-seaman. Let’s have ‘A Long Time Ago’. Mind everybody hauls together at the right words.’
Titty piped up:
‘A smart Yankee packet lay out in the bay
To me way hay, oh-hi-o.
A-waiting for a fair wind to get under way,
A long time ago.’
At the way and the hi and the long everybody hauled down with all their weight, and then shifted their hands up for another pull.
Peter Duck

  • Are your arms short or long?
  • Do you know every verse of “A Long Time Ago” and “Spanish Ladies”?
  • How about “Hanging Johnny”?

Well in many ways it really doesn’t matter. Because when it comes to raising sail – or to fulfilling Arthur Ransome’s legacy – every single heave really does help.

We know that our main goal of establishing an Arthur Ransome centre will eventually need sustained pulls by long, powerful arms. So we’ll be really happy to hear from you, if you are blessed with such arms and want to exercise them on ART’s halyards. But we also know that every pull makes a difference, however long your arms.

Help us raise a sail today

For example, one-off donations of:


can help us create educational displays


can help us re-publish buried Ransome treasure


can help with research for a Ransome centre

Every one-off or regular donation helps to raise ART’s sails a little higher.

Make your legacy Ransome’s future

A great improvement to the house
The Picts and the Martyrs

A future legacy…

ART has a big ambition – to create a dedicated Ransome centre in the southern Lake District. Achieving our goal will help people enjoy Swallows and Amazons and discover Ransome’s wider life, times and works. His novels have already been inspiring readers’ imaginations and lives for generations. They’ve opened doors to literature, leisure activities, conservation, history, geography and much more. A Ransome centre will make these opportunities available for generations to come.

…built through legacies

Funding a centre like this is an undeniable challenge. Ultimate success will almost certainly depend heavily on the goodwill of benefactors, including people whose own lives have been touched by Ransome’s storytelling.

If that is true for you, and if you want to share your enjoyment with future generations, then you may want to consider leaving a legacy to ART in your Will.

Every legacy will make a big difference and we – and we trust future generations – are extremely grateful for each one. Unrestricted legacies are particularly useful because they will give the Trust more options when steering towards a Ransome centre. Developing our Temporary Moorings exhibitions or Buried Treasure publications projects may look like a diversion from our main goal. But in fact they contribute to it by raising awareness of ART’s existence and long-term aim. Just as importantly, they are valuable in themselves, helping people to discover Ransome today.

You may of course restrict a legacy gift to our A Ransome Home project if you wish. This will mean we can only use it within that project. A Ransome Home encompasses the various phases involved in creating a centre, from research and consultation through to purchasing, (re)building and equiping it.

Taking breath

We believe that wills should be prepared with care and without pressure. Whilst we believe that the information we offer in our legacy pack is helpful, we also know that it is no substitute for professional legal advice. Therefore we strongly advise that you consult a solicitor of your choice before creating or changing your Will. He or she will be able to give you sound advice, taking into account your specific wishes and personal circumstances.

If you want a free, informal, no-commitment chat with us about making a legacy to ART, then please do get in touch by contacting Paul Fint at

Or download our legacy pack here.

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