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Anyone who enjoyed the 1974 movie version of Swallows and Amazons, may be interested in Sophie Neville’s fascinating blog, in which she is currently recounting her experiences as Titty Walker.

Her reminiscences have just reached the scene where the Amazons’ attack the Swallows’ campsite, and include her original diary, behind the scenes photographs and excerpts from the film script. Well worth a browse!

Sophie went on to an varied career as a TV researcher (including work on the 1984 BBC production, Swallows and Amazons Forever!), anthropologist, renowned wildlife artist and missionary. She is also an enthusiastic supporter of Sailing Swallow, owners of the boat used as Swallow in the 1974 movie.

You can also keep abreast of Sophie’s future movie reminiscences via her twitter account: @Sophie_Neville

The 1974 movie was produced by Richard Pilbrow and directed by Claude Whatham.

3 Responses to “Movie Memories”

  • Thank you so much for this wonderful write-up, I am thrilled to hear you are enjoying reading about making ‘Swallows and Amazons’. My family have ben nagging me to publish my diaries for years.

    The film producer, Richard Pilbrown, has written from America letting me use excerpts from his book. He has also sent me some wonderful photographs so I have a great deal of interesting material still to inlcude.

    I am interested to see that you have a photograph of the Amazon that was used in the film. I saw her at Bank Ground Farm when we made the Countryfile programme but have lost contact with the family who own her. Do you have their address by any chance? We would love to get Swallow and Amazon back together again.

    You may need to let your members have the addres for my Blog which is ~

    Many thanks,


    • geraint says:

      Hi Sophie
      No problem – I’m enjoying reading your reminiscences! As for the photo, I took it at the Countryfile/Big Screen Britain filming (if you recall, Helen and I provided the other dinghy, Peggy Blackett, as a stand-in for the (then) missing film Swallow). Unfortunately I’ve also lost contact with the family who owned the Amazon at that time.
      It would be good to get the two boats back together, and to know whether they still own her, or have sold her on.

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