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Swallows & Amazons for Ever ! Welcome to ART

Swallows and Amazons is Arthur Ransome's best known work. But there is far more to his story. For his works interweave to and from his complex life - including as an accomplished story-teller and folklorist, a skilled sailor and fisherman, and a journalist who played chess with Lenin and married Trotsky's secretary.

Do you want to discover Arthur Ransome? Or are the Swallows and Amazons old friends? Inspirations you want to share?

The Arthur Ransome Trust (ART) exists help people enjoy Arthur Ransome's fascinating life and works. We are working to create a Ransome Centre in the Lake District via exhibitions, events, educational materials and publishing.

Will you "grab a chance", avoid missing a might-have-been, and explore with us?

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